Just like with letters of the ‘be’ group, the ‘do chashmii he’ also joins with the letters ‘jiim’ and ‘che’ from the ‘jiim’ group. This gives rise to the aspirated sounds ‘jh’ (झ | ) and ‘chh’ (छ | ) respectively.

  • jh
  • do chashmii he
  • दो चश्मी हे
  • jiim
  • जीम

Above: The 'do chashmii he' connects with 'jiim' to create the letter ‘jh’ with an aspirated sound ‘jh’


Once again, even though ‘jh’ is created by joining the letters ‘jiim’ and ‘do chashmii he’, it is treated as a letter and not a word.

5.5.1: ‘jh’

This is the letter ‘jh’ ( Devanagari:  | IPA: /dʒʱ:/ | Pronunciation:      )

It is written by joining the letters ‘jiim’ and ‘do chashmii he’

This creates the sound of ‘jh’ (झ) as in the Hindi words - झंडा, समझाना, बो etc.

5.5.2: ‘chh’

This is the letter ‘chh’ ( Devanagari:  | IPA: /tʃʰ:/ | Pronunciation:       )

It is written by joining the letters ‘che’ and ‘do chashmii he’

It creates the sound of ‘chh’ (छ) as in the Hindi words - छोड़ना, बिड़ना, कु etc.

And that was the ‘do chashmii he’ in action with the ‘jiim’ group. Time for us to make some new words!