Salutations. Greetings! And welcome aboard on this beautiful journey of learning Urdu language.

This course has been carefully designed under the guidance of eminent Urdu scholars and teachers. And to ascertain ease and efficacy in learning while maintaining simplicity and relevance in modern usage, the content has been developed in accordance with young students and learners of the Urdu language.

This course will take you through the most fundamental building-blocks of the Urdu script in a methodically graded manner and help you learn how to read from simple words to complete paragraphs in the Urdu language.

But before we begin with the basics, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Learning units are arranged in a specially devised sequence to facilitate a swift increase in vocabulary from the initial lessons.
  • This makes the course deviate from the traditional order of the Urdu alphabet at times. It is, therefore, advised that this sequence of chapters be followed particularly to make the most out them.
  • Chapters are rich with interactive quizzes and we urge you to go through each quiz to test your progress.
  • A summary of your progress is also saved continuously under your personal profile as you take various tests and quizzes.
  • The course, including the various tests and the progress tracker, can be viewed across all your personal devices – laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more. So you can take your learning with you wherever you go.
  • This course is available only in English and is meant for those conversant with spoken Hindi or Urdu.

Ready? Let’s go!